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Pies & Cobblers

Why settle for store bought when you can enjoy an authentic homemade pie or cobbler! 


The key to a perfect pie is the homemade, flaky crust that is a Yummaries' obsession. Prices indicated are for deep dish pies in aluminum pie plates; request pricing for larger pies in glass plates. Contact us for additional flavors.

Apple - Apples, brown sugar and just enough spice combine in this old-fashioned pie.

French Apple - Tender apples, plump raisins and vanilla glaze make this pie a special treat.

Sweet Potato - Plump sweet potatoes and delicious spices feature in this rich old-fashioned delight.

Pumpkin - A tender pumpkin custard fills a flaky crust in this seasonal favorite.

Chocolate Chess - A chocolate lovers delight.  Under the crackled surface awaits a gooey brownie filling for your enjoyment.


Yummaries cobblers are sweet, buttery and filled with fabulous fruits. 

Blackberry Apple - Yummaries-grown blackberries and Virginia apples combine in this sweet cobbler. 

Fresh Peach - In our humble opinion, there is nothing better than peach cobbler.